Inspired by a fine art commission over five years ago for a client who worked with a sustainable forestry company in the Pacific Northwest, my concept brand development for Birch Paper Company includes original logo design, copywriting, and printed advertising materials.

Sustainable Forestry Magazine Ad - Brand Identity Development, Logo, Copywriting (Concept)

Sustainable Forestry Brand Logo and Business Card Design (Concept)

Geometric minimalist corporate logo for accounting consultant group (concept).
Stylized sans-serif typography suggests modern solutions and brand relevance while simultaneously reinforcing traditional stability via a color story that speaks to classic business PC users. The 3d box aspect of the logo invites connotations of both by-the-book accuracy for audit security, as well as balanced outside-the-box thinking that respects guideline parameters. The equilateral triangle is a self-stabilizing structure, while the honeycomb hexagon surrounding this figure suggests a purposeful teamwork mentality.

Based on the Welsh for "another cup", I developed the BANED (pr. BAH-ned) concept and logo design for a bilingual Welsh coffee shop.  "Ga i baned?"/ "May I have another cup?"
Building on my personal love of orchids, greenhouses and gardening, I developed the business concept and brand identity for an orchid delivery service that would eliminate needless plant waste after these difficult-to-grow showstopper florals passed their peak in offices, formal spaces and event venues. The business would deliver peak-quality blooming orchids monthly as a subscription service, with the option to purchase if a client desired.
Pictured below are examples of my PowerPoint brand presentation and postcard print mockups.

Copywriting taglines include: 
"A well-styled room needs a show-stopper bloom" and "Sophistication meets fresh perfection, delivered"

Brand Identity Concept Development and Design

Orchid Greenhouse Delivery Service Brand Identity and Presentation Set

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